Gravity…I am evading…Find me. Here am, I I am so lost. “The space” is a very nice listener, and sometimes so terribly nice to not even respond. Feels like I am talking to myself all this while!? But it isn’t as silent as the black seems to be… I hear your voices in my head. Could you please let me drive? I often close my eyes. And, I don’t know the journey is a little heavy, my waistline a little clutched…Find me…there’s nothing to hold on to. I’m floating. The pain is fading away, and maybe so is the pleasure. Hey, I see them, clouds, and nobody notices them well enough. Hey, I see them, stars so stark, to compromise, to hope?
It’s dark and cold inside, no matter the sun shines bright, the sun shines burning…The sun keeps us tangled, tangled to life, tangled to hope, and this hope makes us revolve, makes us run, this hope makes us exist, this hope makes us want to exist and I, I have been falling for you my gravity, falling for you and falling apart…
I guess we left that last conversation on that planet of rhythm and blues, beneath the Amaltus, with one platter as always, two folks to fight forever, but this infinity was little as you said last, and I, I was stupid enough to not notice in my delirium. I don’t know I’m restless today…no compromises, no endings too happy, back to the tussle, find me back, fight me back.
I see new horizons, the ones more pious, more veritable, more benevolent, a little less of gravity but maybe more of sunshine, maybe less of hurricanes. Hope? Relativity, deception, uncertainty, disappointments, regrets? So here am I, settled unsettled…settled? Good night “goodnight”…



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