Be a Baby

Life probes us inadvertently, making mild or wild impressions, they could be exposed, they could be intimate. Life seems to me like the waves by the beach, and I, I am the beach. And life consistently bombarding me with “new and new” or sometimes “old and gold”. Always the fight comes in a new form, new coordinates of pleasure and pain.
The waves wreck my castles of expectations and imaginations. They do teach me to build stronger ones ahead. But now I built the walls too high, too tough. And for a change, it came with a good vibe. It doesn’t get in. Ha-ha.
In all this tussle, I have eventually figured that change wasn’t easy, growing up wasn’t easy, it never will be. It sucks to know everything, the feel of sadness and of madness and hardest to accept the fact that you’ve been mad and you’ve been hard. But for what? For life to mend its way? It never will and keep throwing at you everything in its buffet, from your favorite pizza to the worst choice of beer.

Do not run away, either. Play the waves, surf the wave. Trust them, befriend them. Be a baby, be bare and let it come to you, let it pass through you, let’s just wait and watch what it wants to make of you.

Heal again and again and again, but do not be a man, “Be a Baby”.


PC: anonymous


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