It’s just so weird to remember things, people, places, those fragile moments that you always wanted to wrap into with some fancy ribbons…and one day with some slight trigger, it opens all at once …All those adorably stupid moments, those people, that vibe, that weather, those daydreams and all sorts of wild imaginations travel through time to make it to you again…

And it feels as if you are clutching these balloons of helium in the fist of your hand as of a baby…Trying to hold on to this elusive happiness and wish that maybe you could hold on to it forever.

It is comforting, isn’t it? To keep yourself tied to these fantasies, to be in that state of ecstasy, let it be floating, let it be fake…What isn’t fake today? Conversations, profiles, people. If dreams could be real as reality, couldn’t we end up figuring reality was a dream? So why do we spend so much effort and energies, thinking why isn’t it working the way it ought to be and not just pretend to ourselves for some fine moments, nothing actually changed?

And maybe this wouldn’t be just a “delusion”, maybe in some other coordinates of space and time, it might be the way you wanted it…to stay forever.


PC: anonymous


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