My Prey? It prowls!

I ain't precious to you...Am I? Are you to me? Are you a prey? My prey? It prowls...!


Dark and Drunk!

Let me talk. For I wanna cry...And cuddle and kiss. Happy things happen to happy people! Let’s get drunk? For falling won’t break my bones...Sins I did sincerely. Sincerity sounds stupid...


Nobody can hold water, does water hold anybody? It just lets you sink in your own choices...If I would wanna die, my choice would be water.

The florist

I am incautious. Or am I numb? Across the road I see, I see The florist. Roses, lilies and sunshine. And some are just pretenses...


I basically began my journey of writing with poetry, and poetry has always been beautiful to me… bringing one to your reading palette…the tale of the tumbler…the tale of the sunshine…


Could you please let me drive? I often close my eyes. And, I don’t know the journey is a little heavy, my waistline a little clutched…Find me…there’s nothing to hold on to. I’m floating. The pain is fading away, and maybe so is the pleasure. Haha. Hey, I see them, clouds, and nobody notices them well enough. Hey, I see them, stars so stark, to compromise, to hope?

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